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Easy Sunday School Planner

Gift from RCL Software to all of the many teachers who take of their time to prepare and teach a Bible study
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15 March 2007

Editor's review

Forget the hectic time and avoid the unmanageable situation that you often face while taking the classes for Bible. Maintain the list of all the details that are required for a class and for carrying out the Bible lessons with the help of the Easy Sunday School Planner 3.0. You can carry out the teaching on a lesson in well structured basis. You can have the records for the things you taught and from where to take the references. Together with this you can also maintain the member’s record along with full information about them. You can even have the verses copied from any Bible study program and add them into the lesson in this program. Further if your program becomes full of different lessons and you’re searching any particular one then you can use the search option provided.

Easy Sunday School Planner 3.0 shows up with a neat interface that similar to your familiar windows screens. With the options on the toolbar you can start with the Primary Lesson Information window. The list of the lessons is shown in the middle and you get the Bible Quotes and the Comment and Truth related to the lesson shown at the bottom of the concerned window. With the Maintain Member option you can have the details of the members. You can add the new member information and edit the old ones. The related content is shown below on highlighting any member’s name. Add and edit the various prayers to God with the Prayer Requests option. Here you can add various prayers get them whenever required with ease. Crate backup and restore the information in case of any problem. The program proves itself easy to be used and maintains the required information well.

Easy Sunday School Planner 3.0 can help you in teaching the Bible verses and spreading the good thoughts to large number of people in a convenient manner for which it receives a score of 3.5. In addition the software accurately shows different information sections and you can even design and get customized reports printed.

Publisher's description

The Easy Sunday School Planner is a gift from RCL Software to all of the many teachers who take of their time, in many cases hours, to prepare for a Bible study class. This program can be downloaded and used by all. We thank the Lord for giving us a talent that may contribute to the feeding and saving of souls. Each lesson consists of three primary sections; general lesson plan, individual teacher’s lesson plan and class member maintenance. The general lesson plan consists of; the lessons Biblical truth, key Bible reference, unlimited additional Bible references. Enter which translation was used for each reference. Copy Bible verse from your favorite Bible study program and paste into the lesson. Enter general comments concerning the lesson and enter unlimited subjects for a lesson in a searchable list. The individual teacher’s lesson play consists of; lesson outline, personal thoughts, more Bible references can be added and there is space to do a personal evaluation. Class roster consists of; maintain basic member information, maintain committees and their members if desired track attendance, print class directory with or without photo, and maintain and print prayer list. This program may be distributed without compensation being made to RCL Software. RCL Software does own the copyright and would regard anyone attempting to profit from this program as stealing. We can not offer telephone support but will attempt to respond to an email received asking for help. If you feel you have been blessed by using this program and would like to give a gift to RCL Software please mail it to the address below. We are a for profit ministry and maybe the Lord will see that we actually do make one.
Easy Sunday School Planner
Easy Sunday School Planner
Version 3.0
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This is very useful for teacher those who are taking the class for sunday school
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